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About Dr. Rosenman


Danielle Rosenman, M.D. is a physician who helps people with the impact of pain, illness, medical conditions, anxiety, depression, stress, and life’s challenges. She uses her comprehensive professional and personal experience to care for the whole person and family.


Dr. Rosenman uses neuroplasticity, imagery, meditation, psychotherapy, and other techniques in her Medical Counseling practice and in the innovative “Tools for Healing” groups.  She counsels people about options, and provides recommendations for standard and complementary/alternative medical treatment, problem-solving, and decision-making, all focusing on how to feel better.


When she was 10 years old, Dr. Rosenman wrote in her diary that she wanted to be a doctor when she grew up. She attended University of California-Berkeley, earning her BA in anthropology in 1970. She earned her MD from University of California-Davis, in 1977, with Honors in Family Practice and Psychiatry. Her postgraduate education took place at The Doctors Hospital Family Practice Residency one-year program in Seattle. Her training and experience includes guided imagery, counseling, intuition work, meditation, spiritual direction, and other aspects of mind-body medicine. She is a Lifetime Member of the American Academy of Family Practice.


Dr. Rosenman was a founding partner at East Bay Family Practice for 23 years, until she took early retirement because of worsening chronic back pain. She still loves to hear from her former patients.


In autumn of 2012, Dr. Rosenman learned how to use the neuroplastic method of pain reduction from Dr. Michael H. Moskowitz, and continues to practice it every day. As a result, she is feeling incredibly better!


Dr. Rosenman loves music, and sang as a member of the Oakland Jazz Choir for five years. She enjoys cooking, gardening, and reading, and is happy to say she is sufficiently pain-free that she can now walk in the regional parks with her dog! She lives in Oakland, California, and is married, with two grown children and various pets, currently two dogs and a cat.

Danielle Rosenman, MD

“My current practice of Medical Counseling and former practice as a family doctor have allowed me the privilege of a warmly confidential relationship with innumerable people — amazing people who have generously shared their lives and their stories with me.”


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