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Are you living with a health-related challenge?

  • Pain

  • Stress, anxiety, depression

  • Illness, medical conditions

  • Cancer

  • Concerns about fertility, parenting, aging, caregiving, end of life

Would you like help?
  • Support dealing with a stressful situation

  • Non-judgmental, compassionate guidance for yourself and your family

  • Assistance with your health concerns, and specific medical advice

  • Brief or ongoing counseling that addresses your situation and emotional needs

Dr. Danielle Rosenman helps with pain, stress, anxiety, depression, and coping with illness, cancer, aging, caregiving, in the East Bay Area of northern California.

Danielle Rosenman, MD

Medical Counseling
How I Can Help:


During challenging times, it can really help to have sufficient personal time with a compassionate, knowledgeable physician who is experienced in family medicine and has specialized training in counseling — who listens to you, and offers caring support and expert guidance. 


I provide individual and couples counseling using a variety of medical, mind-body, psychotherapy, and neuroscience techniques. Together, we’ll explore your situation and look at options that support your needs and goals. We use techniques that help you reduce stress and anxiety, and promote healing and well-being. As a physician, I offer medical guidance as needed for individuals and families, and teach neuroplastic methods and tools you can use to change your brain and decrease your symptoms.

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Dr. Rosenman Presents Workshop at

Psychotherapy Society Conference

Danielle Rosenman, MD presented workshops on neuroplasticity at the 2016 and 2018 clinical conferences of the Northern California Group Psychotherapy Society (NCGPS). Her three-hour workshop, titled “A Change of Mind: Neuroplastic Tools for Healing in Groups,” covered how persistent symptoms like pain, anxiety, and depression can be decreased or even eliminated, as Dr. Rosenman does in individual therapy and in her Stop Your Pain! groups, and included experiential activities. This video provides a brief introduction.

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Online Group!

Stop Your Pain! Groups: Learn Powerful Tools That Work

If you live with pain, anxiety, depression, or symptoms of chronic illness and want to feel better — this group is for you.


In this support and educational group you will learn:

  • specific techniques that help you and the best ways to use them

  • how, with practice, you will be able to reduce your own symptoms


This method is based on scientific research that helps us understand:

  • how the brain changes constantly (neuroplasticity), and why that is important

  • how the brain experiences and perpetuates pain and other chronic symptoms

  • how we can help the brain change in a way that allows our symptoms to get better 

A participant says:

“I learned concrete things I can do to"help"myself.”


Apply to join a group >>

includes a free telephone consultation




Tools for Feeling Better


We now know:


  • The brain changes throughout our entire lives as it “learns” from all of our experiences. This ability is called “neuroplasticity.”

  • Symptoms like pain, discomfort from illness, anxiety, and depression change the brain, making neural pathways that can keep the symptoms going indefinitely.

  • You can learn how to reverse this process and start feeling better!


Contact me to learn how.


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