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Online and In-Person Groups for Reducing Pain, Anxiety…

A Change of Mind: Neuroplastic Tools for Healing

In this eight-session experiential group, led by Dr. Danielle Rosenman, you will learn to combine cutting-edge principles of brain science (neuroplasticity) with long-practiced, well-researched, effective techniques such as meditation, imagery, journaling, expressive arts, and others, which change the brain to reduce and eliminate chronic pain, discomfort related to illness or medical conditions, anxiety, and depression.

The online class will cover the same information, with activities more suitable for participating over the Internet from your own location. The in-person groups are conducted in Berkeley, CA.


This group is ideal for you if you have an illness, a medical condition, anxiety, depression, or pain, and want to:

  • Feel better

  • Work towards eliminating pain and discomfort

  • Lower stress and reduce anxiety


  • Do more in life (feel like “I’m getting my life back!”)

  • Strengthen your immune system

  • Get the most out of medical treatments

Please apply using the form below. Dr. Rosenman will call you to conduct your free telephone consultation. (You can also use the form if you’re not ready to join a group this time but want to be informed of future sessions.)


Your application includes a free telephone consultation with Dr. Rosenman,

to evaluate the best way to meet your needs.

You may also call (510) 701-0134 or e-mail
to reach Dr. Rosenman directly.


More Information

Apply now to join next groups, or for individual work.

Change of Mind classes/groups provide education and techniques for reducing pain, anxiety, and other symptoms. They are not a substitute for medical care. You should always consult a health professional for evaluation and possible treatment of conditions that may cause your symptoms.

Your information has been sent to Dr. Rosenman! She will be in touch with you soon.


Danielle Rosenman, M.D. is a physician who has helped people with the impact of illness, pain, and emotional distress over many years, in both Family Practice and Medical Counseling. Dr. Rosenman has lived with persistent pain herself for many years, now very much reduced (!) from learning and practicing the neuroplastic method and techniques she teaches in her Change of Mind groups.


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